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In The News… Teenager posts video on YouTube which describes his NDE three weeks before his death on Christmas Night

28 Dec

Yesterday The Mail Online reported the story of inspirational teenager Ben Breedlove’s death which happened a few days ago on Christmas night. 18 year old Ben had suffered with a life threatening heart condition for his whole life.

Ben posted a video describing his close brushes with death using flash cards. The video gives some insight into what it must be like to live with the constant threat of death.

A few weeks ago on December 6th Ben suffered a cardiac arrest. On December 18th Ben uploaded a video to youtube which described the NDE that he experienced while undergoing the cardiac arrest. Part of the NDE describes an encounter with his favourite rapper Kid Cudi. One of his last comments on the video was ‘I didn’t want to leave that place’.

What a truly inspirational young man. RIP.

To watch Ben’s video click the link below:

 To read the full newspaper report click the link below:



In the News… Scientists at Cern Discover ‘The God Particle’

14 Dec

There was an interesting article in the news this week about research carried out at the The Cern physics research centre inSwitzerland. Awaited results of experiments undertaken in the Large Hadron Collider are expected to show that signals have been produced that provide the clearest evidence yet that the sub-atomic particle exists.

 For the full article reported in The Daily Telegraph click the link:

 According to Sky News report:

‘If the Cern experiments confirm the Higgs boson exists it would fix the biggest hole in the Standard Model – and give credence to what has been a largely mathematical model of how the Universe works.

 But if they showed it does not exist it would shake the foundations of modern physics and force a massive rethink on the forces that glue the Universe together.’

 Again this appears to be more research to indicate that our current science is at the tipping point. We live in very interesting and exciting times.

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