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6 Feb

On Wednesday 1st February The Guardian published an interesting article called the Top Five Regrets of The Dying.

Australian Palliative Care nurse Bronnie Ware recorded her observations of looking after patients who were in the last few weeks of their life and has written a book on the subject. She also has a blog called Inspiration and Chai:

When I read the article I couldn’t help but agree with her observations and I too have mentioned some of these things in my forthcoming book.

Undertaking my research had a very profound effect on me and changed me in many ways. In fact because I learned so much from the patients I looked after I too completely re-evaluated my life. It’s almost as if I was faced with my own death through studying the deaths of my patients. It made me realise the importance of seizing the moment and living in the now! So it was no surprise when the number one on the list of regrets was:

I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

On reflecting on their lives many of the patients realised that they had never fulfilled their dreams. Health brings a freedom that few realise until they no longer have it.

Are you fulfilling your dreams?

For the full article click the link below:


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