NDE Conference in France – A Clinical Reality: Doctors Give Evidence

4 Feb

Marseille conference

I have been invited to speak at the forthcoming conference in March. It will be good to meet up with Dr Raymond Moody, Dr Eben Alexander, Dr Jeffrey Long and Jody Long again as well as make the acquaintance of the French researchers in this field of study. Continue reading

Frightening or Unpleasant Near-Death Experiences

17 Jan

I am currently preparing a paper about frightening near-death experiences to present at a forthcoming conference. (I’ll post a future comment with links to the conference over the next few days). I am very interested in the frightening NDEs as well as the pleasant NDEs. However, there is far less information about the frightening NDEs so I am looking for people who have specifically experienced a frightening NDE. Continue reading

Dr Eben Alexander’s book Proof of Heaven soon to be released

11 Oct

This week has seen a surge of interest in the NDE of neurosurgeon, Dr Eben Alexander. His book Proof of Heaven will be released in the USA on 23rd October and in the UK on 1st November. The book is an in-depth description of his NDE. Continue reading

$5 Million Grant Awarded by Private Foundation to Study Immortality

31 Jul

Thank you to Stuart for alerting me to this news report on the internet today.

 I am really excited to hear that The John Templeton Foundation has given a grant to philosopher John Fischer of UC Riverside, California. The research is intended to explore aspects of immortality along with near-death experiences and the impact of belief in an afterlife on human behaviour. 

 For the full news report click on the link below:


Frightening NDEs: Dancing Past the Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences by Nancy Evans Bush

23 Jul


Nancy Evans Bush has released her long awaited book Dancing Past The Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences. I have recently finished reading this great book on frightening or distressing NDEs. It is so refreshing to see the frightening NDEs brought to the attention of the public.

It will be extremely helpful when health care professionals, psychotherapists, and clergy are able to help an individual deal with whatever the experience was, no matter what academics name it. (The difference is rather like telling a child there is nothing to cry about because he was stung by a wasp and not a hornet—the problem is the pain, not the label.) Bush, Page 105

Continue reading

Marilyn Schlitz and Deepak Chopra Movie – DEATH MAKES LIFE POSSIBLE

11 Jun

When I spoke at the Bioethics Forum inMadison,Wisconsin I had the opportunity to watch the trailer for the forthcoming movie DEATH MAKES LIFE POSSIBLE which is a Science and Education documentary.

It is a production of The Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Chopra Foundation  Continue reading

The Healing Power of NDEs

17 May


In previous posts I’ve mentioned how some people appear to be ‘healed’ following their NDE. Indeed, Patient 10 in the hospital research that I conducted demonstrated such a healing. His right hand which had been in a permanently contracted position since birth is now fully opened – this should not be possible without having surgery to release the tendons which would be in a permanently shortened position.

Below are some other examples of NDEs where people have been healed. Continue reading

Final Passages: Concluding Day

5 May


All of the videos to the conference can be viewed on line at:


Continue reading

Final Passages: Videos on line

4 May



Continue reading

Final Passages – Preparation the day before

3 May


The above pictures give an idea of the building in which the forum was held.

The day prior to the conference, Penny Patterson (Communications Officer at Promega) took me to lunch along with Stan and Christina Grof which was a huge honour for me. To spend such quality time with people I had looked up to and whose work has been a great influence on my own work and my way of understanding consciousness was a true gift. Continue reading

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