CNERIC Research in France

21 May

At the beginning of May, Sonia Barkallah from S17 Productions in France came to visit me along with Corinne Musitelli who is her translator. We discussed ways of working together which I am very excited about. I have a lot to report so I will put a few postings in the coming weeks about my future work with Sonia. I will and also give more details about Sonia’s excellent DVD called Untimely Departure, keep following the blog for more details of this.

Sonia brought a short DVD recording of the CNERIC research protocol which has been conducted in France by Dr Jean-Pierre Postel. I was previously unaware of this research so I thought I’d mention it to the followers of the blog. Continue reading

The Second International NDE Conference in, Marseille, France

30 Mar

On March 9th and 10th the second international conference on Near-Death Experiences, organised by Sonia Barkallah of S17 Productions, was held at The Palais de Congress, Marseille. Continue reading

Non-Local Consciousness Article Published in Journal of Consciousness Studies

26 Feb

Dr Pim Van Lommel’s article ‘Non-local Consciousness’ has just been published in the latest issue of The Journal of Consciousness Studies. Continue reading

NDE Conference in France – A Clinical Reality: Doctors Give Evidence

4 Feb

Marseille conference

I have been invited to speak at the forthcoming conference in March. It will be good to meet up with Dr Raymond Moody, Dr Eben Alexander, Dr Jeffrey Long and Jody Long again as well as make the acquaintance of the French researchers in this field of study. Continue reading

Frightening or Unpleasant Near-Death Experiences

17 Jan

I am currently preparing a paper about frightening near-death experiences to present at a forthcoming conference. (I’ll post a future comment with links to the conference over the next few days). I am very interested in the frightening NDEs as well as the pleasant NDEs. However, there is far less information about the frightening NDEs so I am looking for people who have specifically experienced a frightening NDE. Continue reading

Dr Eben Alexander’s book Proof of Heaven soon to be released

11 Oct

This week has seen a surge of interest in the NDE of neurosurgeon, Dr Eben Alexander. His book Proof of Heaven will be released in the USA on 23rd October and in the UK on 1st November. The book is an in-depth description of his NDE. Continue reading

$5 Million Grant Awarded by Private Foundation to Study Immortality

31 Jul

Thank you to Stuart for alerting me to this news report on the internet today.

 I am really excited to hear that The John Templeton Foundation has given a grant to philosopher John Fischer of UC Riverside, California. The research is intended to explore aspects of immortality along with near-death experiences and the impact of belief in an afterlife on human behaviour. 

 For the full news report click on the link below:

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