New NDE Support Group in the UK to be launched in London on Sunday June 1st 2014

9 May

It’s been a few months since I’ve had time to respond to comments or post anything on the blog so thank you for your patience. I’m still receiving large amounts of emails from people who have had an NDE, empathic death experience, witnessed deathbed visions or had after death communications and it is taking me a long time to read and reply to them all. Your emails are very important to me and I will respond.


From the events of the past few months it is now very apparent to me that NDEs, empathic death experiences, deathbed visions and after death communications are far more common than I initially anticipated. From my hospital research and my NDE studies over the years I knew that these types of experiences are under-reported but the vast amount of emails, letters and people who have spoken to me after talks I’ve given recently has really highlighted that I have previously under-estimated how frequent these experiences are.


I’m also very much aware of how the majority of people struggle to understand their experience and what has happened to them. These types of experiences around death can be very profound and life changing in many ways – they are beyond any previous human experience hence there is no framework in which to understand such a transcendent experience.


I’ve been contacted by many people who want help in understanding and coming to terms with their experiences and I’m really excited to announce that great progress has been made and a new support group is about to be launched.


Gigi Strehler, had an NDE in 2011 and contacted me while trying to understand and come to terms with her experience. She realised that many people were also going through similar life changes after their NDE and helping others has been the driving factor behind setting up the support network. If anyone is interested in attending the meeting or being a part of the group you’d be very welcome – see Gigi’s statement below.

There will be a support group meeting in a few weeks time:

Our next meeting will take place in London from 1pm-4pm on Sunday 1st June 2014 at:

The Hoxton Trust
156 Hoxton Street
N1 6SH

For more information please visit the website at the link below.

This is Gigi’s statement:

A Near Death Experience can have a profound effect, not just on the person who experienced it, but on their family and friends too. Near Death Experience UK is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting anyone who has been affected by a Near Death Experience. Near Death Experience UK was founded to help others understand and process an event that really defies words or explanation; to help guide them to a place where living makes more sense than dying; to help them move toward a secure and productive future.

We offer people who have been affected by NDE an opportunity to share their experience in a safe and nurturing environment. We share informative resources, medical discoveries, invite guest speakers and can direct people toward appropriate counselling services. Meetings take place once a month and involve small group discussions, workshops, presentations and lectures, social networking activities and personal development exercises to help people cope with the changes and obstacles they face when touched by a Near Death Experience.

NDE UK is building a strong community to support its work. We are particularly keen to establish links with counselling and therapy professionals to work with our support group, or to become an associate to whom we can refer people for help. We also invite guest speakers and so would like to hear from authors and people in the Medical and NDE investigative field.

Any other contributions from workshop leaders, caterers, events organisers, funding consultants, psychologists, healers, therapists or marketing executives are welcome.

For more information and contact details visit –

Our next meeting will take place in London from 1pm-4pm on Sunday 1st June 2014 at:

The Hoxton Trust
156 Hoxton Street
N1 6SH

5 Responses to “New NDE Support Group in the UK to be launched in London on Sunday June 1st 2014”

  1. rudyink May 9, 2014 at 3:16 pm #


  2. Vivek narain May 27, 2014 at 7:09 pm #

    Hi penny, different theologies describe differently, the spirit world,will there ever be unanimity thru veridicality.

    • Dr Penny Sartori July 30, 2014 at 1:06 pm #

      Hi Vivek,

      Yes different cultures and theologies describe spiritual matters differently but they all seem to have the same underlying message of love and respect for others and that we are all interconnected. I’m not sure that there will be unanimity through veridicality alone but as this is one aspect of the NDE that can potentially provide more evidence I think it is worth pursuing. If veridicality is proven then it is a step closer to science and spirituality merging together for a greater understanding of what is is to be human.

  3. Papaya July 21, 2014 at 3:00 am #

    Hi Penny. Would you happen to know whether there was anything found during the AWARE study that could be seen as good evidence for sensory perception beyond the known physical senses? Thanks!

    • Dr Penny Sartori July 30, 2014 at 11:32 am #

      Hi Papaya,

      Sorry but I don’t know the findings of the AWARE study other than what was briefly written in Dr Sam Parnia’s last book. It would be best to contact Dr Parnia for further details.

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