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Forthcoming Events

30 Jan

This year has got off to a busy start. I’ve been asked to do several lectures in the space of just two weeks!

On Thursday 2nd February I will be taking part in The Wellcome Trust exhibition in London called Leap of Faith where I will be doing a brief presentation of my NDE research and then participating in a panel discussion. The link to the event is below:

I am also really excited about another talk I’ve been asked to do┬áin April. I have been invited to be a key speaker at the BTC Institute Bioethics Forum in Madison, Wisconsin, USA on April 26th – 27th. The title of the forum is Final Passages: Research on Near-Death and the Experience of Dying.

Other speakers at the event so far include Dr Raymond Moody, Dr Peter Fenwick, Professor Stanislav Grof, Professor Jeffrey Guss, Dr Marilyn Schlitz, Dr William Richards, Dr Pim Van Lommel and Dr Eric Weiss. The conference will be moderated by Steve Paulson of Public Radio International.

I’m really looking forward to participating in this conference and learning from all of the other papers that will be presented. I will post an update of the outcome of the conference.

The link to the conference is:

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