Forthcoming Events This Weekend

22 Oct

Just a quick reminder of some speaking events in London for this coming weekend. On Friday evening I will be speaking at The College of Psychic Studies and on Sunday afternoon I will be speaking at The Mind, Body, Soul Experience at Olympia. For further info on these talks please check out the events page on this blog and also the websites of the events venues.

On Saturday 25th October I will be attending the NDE support group meeting which will take place between 1pm and 4pm at 156 Hoxton Street, London. For further details please check the support group website:

Sorry I haven’t had much time to get to the blog over the past few months – my baby son has been keeping me very busy. I will be back to it as soon as I can in the coming weeks and I’m planning on adding a lot more book reviews of some very interesting books I’ve recently read. I’ve also got quite a lot of comments waiting for me to reply to, I will do this as soon as I can. Thank you all for your patience.



Quick Blog Update

30 Jul

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience with my replies to your comments – I haven’t had any time to attend to the blog over the past few months. I’ve had the busiest year of my life so far and I’m also still receiving large amounts of emails and I haven’t been able to reply to them all yet but I will reply.

Last November it was a wonderful surpise to myself and my husband to find out that I was pregnant. I gave birth to my son at the end of June (just over 5 weeks ago) so at the moment all of my time is being consumed with being a new mum.

Your comments and emails are very important to me and I will have more time to reply and add more posts to the blog in the coming weeks.





New NDE Support Group in the UK to be launched in London on Sunday June 1st 2014

9 May

It’s been a few months since I’ve had time to respond to comments or post anything on the blog so thank you for your patience. I’m still receiving large amounts of emails from people who have had an NDE, empathic death experience, witnessed deathbed visions or had after death communications and it is taking me a long time to read and reply to them all. Your emails are very important to me and I will respond.


From the events of the past few months it is now very apparent to me that NDEs, empathic death experiences, deathbed visions and after death communications are far more common than I initially anticipated. From my hospital research and my NDE studies over the years I knew that these types of experiences are under-reported but the vast amount of emails, letters and people who have spoken to me after talks I’ve given recently has really highlighted that I have previously under-estimated how frequent these experiences are.


I’m also very much aware of how the majority of people struggle to understand their experience and what has happened to them. These types of experiences around death can be very profound and life changing in many ways – they are beyond any previous human experience hence there is no framework in which to understand such a transcendent experience.


I’ve been contacted by many people who want help in understanding and coming to terms with their experiences and I’m really excited to announce that great progress has been made and a new support group is about to be launched.


Gigi Strehler, had an NDE in 2011 and contacted me while trying to understand and come to terms with her experience. She realised that many people were also going through similar life changes after their NDE and helping others has been the driving factor behind setting up the support network. If anyone is interested in attending the meeting or being a part of the group you’d be very welcome – see Gigi’s statement below.

There will be a support group meeting in a few weeks time:

Our next meeting will take place in London from 1pm-4pm on Sunday 1st June 2014 at:

The Hoxton Trust
156 Hoxton Street
N1 6SH

For more information please visit the website at the link below.

This is Gigi’s statement:

A Near Death Experience can have a profound effect, not just on the person who experienced it, but on their family and friends too. Near Death Experience UK is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting anyone who has been affected by a Near Death Experience. Near Death Experience UK was founded to help others understand and process an event that really defies words or explanation; to help guide them to a place where living makes more sense than dying; to help them move toward a secure and productive future.

We offer people who have been affected by NDE an opportunity to share their experience in a safe and nurturing environment. We share informative resources, medical discoveries, invite guest speakers and can direct people toward appropriate counselling services. Meetings take place once a month and involve small group discussions, workshops, presentations and lectures, social networking activities and personal development exercises to help people cope with the changes and obstacles they face when touched by a Near Death Experience.

NDE UK is building a strong community to support its work. We are particularly keen to establish links with counselling and therapy professionals to work with our support group, or to become an associate to whom we can refer people for help. We also invite guest speakers and so would like to hear from authors and people in the Medical and NDE investigative field.

Any other contributions from workshop leaders, caterers, events organisers, funding consultants, psychologists, healers, therapists or marketing executives are welcome.

For more information and contact details visit –

Our next meeting will take place in London from 1pm-4pm on Sunday 1st June 2014 at:

The Hoxton Trust
156 Hoxton Street
N1 6SH

Huge Interest in NDEs Following Serialization of My Book The Wisdom Of Near-Death Experiences

27 Jan

I have had an overwhelming response since my book has been serialized in The Daily Mail on Saturday 25th January, Monday 27th January and another two articles planned for Tuesday and Wednesday.  There have been many comments on the Daily Mail website and it is very encouraging to see so many people speaking so openly about their experiences.

It’s really great to see this really important subject being taken so seriously.

I just wanted to write a quick post to say thank you to everyone who has sent comments to the blog and emailed me in the past few days to share their experiences with me.  I will reply to everyone but it may take some time as there are so many emails to read.

It may also take a while to reply to the comments on the blog as I have also been inundated with media requests but I will reply as soon as I can.

The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences: How Understanding NDEs Can Help Us Live More Fully by Dr Penny Sartori will be released on 18th February 2014

2 Dec

The Wisdom of NDEs Cover

I’ve got a little bit more information on what the book is about. As you all know by now, the reason I became interested in NDEs is because of my job as an intensive care nurse. Early in my career, my life changed when I was working a night shift while looking after a dying patient. Having been so upset about the way in which this man died I was determined to find a greater understanding of death so that no other patient would have to go through a similar ending to their life. That was back in 1995 and the experience of looking after that patient is what continues to motivate me to this day to understand death and enhance care of dying patients. Continue reading

NDEs Featured on BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief 09/09/13

9 Sep

For anyone who is interested there was a 30 minute discussion on NDEs featured on today’s BBC Radio 4 Beyond Belief show. Participants in the discussion were Professor Chris French, The Very Revd Prof Dr Gordon McPhate (who had an NDE when he was a medical student) and Dr Penny Sartori.

Gordon’s experience is particularly interesting to me as it occurred while he was a medical student and reflection of his NDE over time prompted him to train in the ministry.

You can also listen to the programme again on, the episode will also be available for download by podcast after transmission.


P.S. – there may be a delay in my response to any comments for a few weeks but I will respond as soon as possible.


Call for help from NDErs with Rosie Ward’s interesting PhD work

22 May

 Rosie Ward is a really talented artist, currently doing a PhD student at the University of Sheffield. I am really excited to say that she has asked me to be involved with some very interesting and important work that she is doing. It involves the use of visual and audio techniques to create experiential artworks which aim to capture the highly personal and subjective experience of a NDE. This research will inspire new artwork within her PhD and this will explore the notion of challenging the audience to question their subjective understanding of what it means to be ‘alive’. She is presently looking for participants whom have had a NDE and interested in being involved within this project. Continue reading

CNERIC Research in France

21 May

At the beginning of May, Sonia Barkallah from S17 Productions in France came to visit me along with Corinne Musitelli who is her translator. We discussed ways of working together which I am very excited about. I have a lot to report so I will put a few postings in the coming weeks about my future work with Sonia. I will and also give more details about Sonia’s excellent DVD called Untimely Departure, keep following the blog for more details of this.

Sonia brought a short DVD recording of the CNERIC research protocol which has been conducted in France by Dr Jean-Pierre Postel. I was previously unaware of this research so I thought I’d mention it to the followers of the blog. Continue reading

The Second International NDE Conference in, Marseille, France

30 Mar

On March 9th and 10th the second international conference on Near-Death Experiences, organised by Sonia Barkallah of S17 Productions, was held at The Palais de Congress, Marseille. Continue reading

Non-Local Consciousness Article Published in Journal of Consciousness Studies

26 Feb

Dr Pim Van Lommel’s article ‘Non-local Consciousness’ has just been published in the latest issue of The Journal of Consciousness Studies. Continue reading

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