Forthcoming Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, USA – Final Passages: Near-Death and the Experience of Dying

9 Apr

  I am really excited because 26th -27th April I’ll be attending and speaking at the forthcoming conference below. Although I’ve met some of the speakers before there are some who I’ve never met but have read their excellent work in the field.

 The title of the conference is Final Passages: Research on Near-Death and the Experience of Dying. I am very much looking forward to the conference and will post a report of what I have learned from the other speakers when I return.

 The speakers are: Stanislav Grof MD, PhD, Jeffrey Guss MD, Raymond Moody MD, PhD, Steve Paulson, William Richards PhD, Penny Sartori PhD, Marilyn Schlitz PhD, Pim van Lommel MD, Eric Weiss PhD. 

Check out the link for more details:


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